Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 Limited Edition CD Sampler Soundtrack Promo Sealed

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Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Limited Edition CD Sampler. This is a 24 track sampler and was a promo only item given away in the US to promote the release of the game.
The tracks are:

01 DJ Simon - Air
02 echo image - skulk
03 Ryu -starmine
04 Mr.T - Fly through the night
05 Aya- G2
06 Asletics - Hit 'n'slap
07 Alien#six13 C Squared
08 Love Machineguns - Midnight Special
10 Midihead - In My Eyes (Midihead Remix)
11 L.E.D. - Love is Dreaminess
12 Neuropa - Standing Still in Time
13 Mr. T - ZERO-ONE
15 Big Idea - Baile Le Samba 16 T.O.Y. - I feel...( T.O.Y. Remix)
17 Big Idea - Make a Jam
18 Daybehavior - Superstar(Nevarakka Mix)
19 Jondi & Speesh - MAX 300 (Super-Max-ME Mix)
20 echo Image - Skulk (album Version)
21 Konami Classics - GYRUSS (Original Theme)
22 Daybehavior - Superstar(Nevarakka Mix) (Album Version)
23 Alien#six13 C Squared (album Version)
24 Midihead - In My Eyes (Midihead Supalong Mix)

Still New in the original plastic. As this is promo only release it's both an interesting collectible and a good way to get some of the more popular tracks. A great way to sill your life with some early 00s nostalgia.

Please note that most of the items we sell are vintage collectibles often more than a decade old so please expect some wear and discoloration. We will always try to note when these things are present or if something has survived in mint shape, but we want to make sure you're doubly aware. We're always happy to take additional pictures as well so please ask by emailing us at if you want to see another angle or a specific aspect more clearly. Thanks so much for shopping at Avane! A shop run for collectors, by collectors.

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