General Store Questions:

If you're using a gmail address our emails probably ended up in your promotions tab. This seems to be a recent change in how Gmail sees our emails and presently there's nothing we can do on our end to change it, we apologize for the inconvenience! If you are not using gmail or if you checked your other tabs and still don't see your email(s) feel free to contact us and we'll look into it for you.

No, If you don't want to set up an account It's possible to check out as a guest.

However, we strongly recommend making an account as that way you can keep track off all your past orders, save your shopping cart and save multiple address in your personal address book. Other than you needing to set a password you use the exact same information to set up an account as you do if you're purchasing an item so it's as easy as checking out as a guest.

All of our shipping Policies are outlined on our Shipping Policies page

We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Diner's Club, JCB, Elo), Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal. All our prices are in US Dollars which is our preferred currency. We can sometimes accommodate other currencies via special request.

We take trust and safety seriously. Avane is an officially licensed business in the US state of Minnesota.

Our site is certified to be malware and virus free by Google Safe Browsing.

All customer information and credit card information is entered via our secure server. Credit card information, even if you opt to save it for future purchases, is never accessible to us. 

Except for during the Christmas shipping season (approximately November 30th to December 22nd, give or take a few days depending on the year.) Which has special rules. We have a 5 business day handling time, NOT a 5 business day delivery time. For Example: If you order on a Friday your order may not be shipped until the following Friday. When your actual item arrives will depend on the shipping speed you selected and where you're located. Please keep in mind that paying for Priority Express Mail or Priority Mail doesn't change our handling time just the speed at which it travels after we've sent it.

We can occasionally expedite the handling time, so if you need an item shipped sooner than our predicted time let us know before your order and we'll let you know if we can get it out early. International orders usually take a bit longer to get out and a lot longer to arrive.

Our handling time on average is closer to 2-3 business days but we can't always guarantee that it will happen which is why we specify a longer time period.

For more information check out our Shipping Policies page.

As of February 2023 we are only shipping directly to the US and Canada. We can not ship to the UK or EU due to the changes in VAT and packaging policies.

We can ship some items to other countries via special request but it's on a case by case basis. Just contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.

For more information check out our Shipping Policies page.

Yes we do! If you're interested in selling your collection to us please contact us with pictures and your asking prices. Please bear in mind that we can not purchase items for what we sell them for. We have to pay taxes and fees on every item sold in our shop as well as the other costs associated with selling. In general we will not purchase an item for resale for more than 50% of what we sell it for in the shop. We will sometimes purchase items for our personal collection at a higher rate but it's uncommon.

Additionally we're a very small shop so we generally can't afford to spend thousands on a collection (as much as we may like to) So we won't be buying your lifetime collection of Sailor Moon collectibles for $10k we just can't afford it.

Generally if you have not heard a response within 48 hours, you should resend your message. It's likely that the message either got trapped in a spam filter or otherwise lost somewhere between you and us. We do our best to answer all inquires in a timely manner. Weekends and Holidays might be a little longer though.

Maybe. We can occasionally accommodate special requests, but we can't guarantee we can find anything. Almost everything we sell was made over a decade ago so we don't have suppliers we can order from on the fly. We do keep records of requests for about 3 months and try to let you know if we find what you've been looking for.

We're not really set up to accommodate phone calls at the moment. We hope to offer a toll free number sometime in the future.

Maybe. We usually only have one of the items we sell at any given time, but occasionally we have multiples or a buyer doesn't complete their order. Just contact us and we'll check it out for you.

None of our items come with certificates of authenticity unless explicitly noted and photographed in the product listing. We do not issue certificates of authenticity as we are not certified authenticators.
Most certificates that are included on low value (under $500) vintage items are issued by the vendors to inspire buyer confidence and are not proof an item has been professionally authenticated. (though when we receive items with one of these certificates, we generally include it).
Getting a meaningful certificate requires taking it to a professional authenticator and paying a fee and for most items we sell the fee would often be more than the price of the item.
That said we've both been collecting figures, toys, animation art and other collectibles for over 20 years and feel confident in our ability to accurately identify genuine vintage items. Whenever the origin of an item is unknown or in question it is noted in the description. As with all our items if you have any questions, need more details, or need more photos just contact us.

Pricing Questions:

Yes, but rarely. We occasionally post coupons via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media. You can see our current list of Avaneshop.com coupon codes and discounts here.

Coupons are entered during the checkout process. You can enter them on the first page after you click "checkout"

No. If you see a great deal elsewhere we suggest you buy it while you've got the chance or wait until you see one at a price you're comfortable paying. We do lower prices and or put things on clearance as the market dictates so you can always wait and see. Otherwise, we're willing to haggle a bit sometimes, but we don't price match.

For payment plans We accept Shop Pay with the option of 4 interest-free installments for orders between $50 and $3000. Find out more here.

We otherwise can occasionally do a holds but It's a service we typically limit to repeat customers.


For repeat customers or large orders we may be willing to haggle a little bit. It really is on an item by item and case by case basis though. We pay taxes and fees on every sale and our mark-up is pretty modest on most items. As a result, we often can't discount much or we're losing money and paying to have an item taken away.

The United States Postal Service has been increasing shipping rates every year. Packages of all types cost more to ship now than they did previously. This is especially true for international customers as the prices for light packages have increased exponentially in recent years. Please note that we have no control over these price increases as our shipping costs are determined by the USPS rates, not set by us directly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are always happy to double check shipping costs for you though, if you think the shipping calculator is coming out high, just contact us and we'll double check the rates for you.

Other Questions:

She's an original character done by Japanese doujin artist Colorful.

We have our animation cel collection at acetateaddiction.rubberslug.com/

We use Instagram (though it's a mix of collection and sales photos) and deviantart for our figures, toys. collectibles etc.

And we occasionally detail items on our blog: avaneanime.blogspot.com/

We only have a tiny piece of our collections online at this point, but hope to make more of it available soon.

Probably not. We've been carefully amassing our collection for many years and plan to continue curating it mostly intact for years to come. We do sometimes decide to sell off pieces of our personal collections for a variety of reasons, but unless it's a duplicate, it's a rare occurrence. You can always feel free to ask though be prepared to hear no.

Thank you for visiting Avane! We specialize in vintage toys, games, anime and collectibles. We carry a mix of rare and vintage anime, manga, comics, video game goods, 80's character goods, 90's character goods, RPG supplies and a much, much more. Our stock is constantly changing so check back frequently!

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