Holiday Shipping Info

During the Holiday season we have a 3 business day handling time, please check the chart below to see the cut off dates and shipping options so you have the best chance of getting your order in time for Christmas.

Our 3 day holiday handling time starts on orders placed on November 10th, our normal 5 business day handling time applies to all orders placed prior. Our Holiday shipping time ends on December 21st (the last day you can order using Express Mail). All orders made after December 21st will be on our normal 5 business day shipping schedule.

This chart applies to packages for delivery before December 25th but if you need items delivered by a different holiday date just Contact us and we'll let you if we can get it to you in time.

Due to COVID and domestic issues with the USPS, mail is much slower this year. This chart is based on official USPS timetables but we suggest buying as early as possible for the best chance for your item to arrive on time. We have to recommend against international orders in general if you absolutely need it by December 25th. We've had international orders that have spent weeks sitting in customs without moving, which is NOT counted as part of USPS's delivery estimates.

We'll do our best to get everyone's orders out as soon as we can, but NO Carriers are guaranteeing ship dates this year.
Use these dates as a guideline but we CAN NOT guarantee when any shipment will arrive and WILL NOT offer refunds in the event and item is delayed in the mail system.

We recommend ordering as early as possible and using Priority Mail for the greatest chance of Christmas delivery.

 US Chart (not including Alaska or Hawaii)    Shipping Type   Order Cut Off Date 
 Standard Post (Retail Ground)   December 11th
First Class  December 13th
 Priority Mail  December 15th
 Priority Mail Express  December 21st

 US Chart (Alaska & Hawaii)   Shipping Type  Order Cut Off Date 
 First Class  December 10th
 Priority Mail  December 14th
 Priority Mail Express   December 19th

 International Chart   Shipping Type  Order Cut Off Date
 First Class International  NOT RECOMMENDED
 Priority Mail International  November 24th (Africa & Central/South America)
 December 2nd (All other international destinations*) 
 Priority Mail Express  December 2nd (Africa & Central/South America)
 December 9th (All other international destinations*) 
 Global Express Guaranteed   December 17th
*We can not ship to the UK & can only ship select items to the EU via request. For more information see our shipping policies

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