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Acetate Addiction

This is our personal cel gallery where we've been posting our collection of animation cels since 2002. We actively collect cels but only update our gallery a few times a year now. We're not interested in selling our gallery cels for the most part so if you're thinking of asking about a gallery piece be prepared to hear no.

 Anime Nostalgia Podcast

Dawn's Podcast focuses on  pre 2000 anime and manga and the surrounding fandom. We've sponsored a few eps and even appeared in one. If you're a fan of retro anime and manga it's a real treat.
The Anime Nostalgia Podcast

Tama's Room

A Subchannel from Tama Hero (previously known as Tamashii Hiroka )which has several excellent videos on Sailor Moon doll restoration. Defintely Check out Tama's Main channel for great Pokemon vids as well.
Tama's Room at YouTube

Myrna's website has a variety of Sailor Moon screenshots, scans and info. Additionally Myrna curates Crystal Tok We often use the extensive library of High Quality screenshots to help ID our animation cels. It's also the best place to get art of the sprites from the sadly defunct Moon Drops game.

Moon Sisters

A retro styled fan shrine site mostly devoted to Chibiusa, Kousagi and Chibi Chibi. Moon Sisters has been online since 2005 and offers fanart, official art, official information, Sailor Moon History, Sailor Moon analysis and think pieces.

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