Sailor Moon Doll 11.5 inch Pretty Face Sailor Chibi Moon Doll Loose Irwin Chibimoon Mini Moon

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Wonderful 11.5" inch doll produced for the North American market by Irwin. This is from the "pretty face" line of dolls Irwin made around the year 2000. This is Sailor Chibimoon (aka Chibi Moon, Mini Moon, Chibiusa, and Rini) modeled on the original 90s Sailor Moon anime series. Because this is Chibi-Moon she's slightly shorter than 11.5".  Doll is loose and comes with her original fuku, choker, panties, tiara, and earrings. She's missing her "rabbit ears", Luna P, her gloves, boots, wands and stand. Hair was styled into rabbit ears by a previous owner and we've opted to leave them in place. Body of the fuku has a stain on the back and she has some marks on her legs but they're minor, there's also what looks to be a minor bite mark on one hand. Defects sound worse than they look,  Overall a lovely Sailor Moon doll and a great piece for your collection.

Please note that Unless otherwise specified all our dolls have had their hair treated with wig restorer which leaves a slight fragrance. Please take care if you are fragrance sensitive.

Please note that most of the items we sell are vintage collectibles often more than a decade old so please expect some wear and discoloration. We will always try to note when these things are present or if something has survived in mint shape, but we want to make sure you're doubly aware. We're always happy to take additional pictures as well so please ask by emailing us at if you want to see another angle or a specific aspect more clearly. Thanks so much for shopping at Avane! A shop run for collectors, by collectors.

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