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Earthworm Jim Cartoon Cel Sketch Jim and Peter Puppy Original Animation Drawing J29

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Awesome Original Production sketch from the Earthworm Jim Cartoon series. If you are unfamiliar with animation cels or sketches, they are hand painted frames of animation that were used to make an animated series or film. Each production cel or sketch represents part of the movement process and are hand painted or hand drawn by animators so no two are exactly alike. They're a lot like movie props. :) This is a shot of Jim and Peter Puppy Tied up (in the show they're hanging upside down but we're displaying the cel flipped here to make it easier to look at). This is a single sketch labeled J29. This drawing would have been copied to paint a cel used in the production of the show. Initial image is cropped for better detail secondary image shows more of the full sketched, but it's on oversized paper so there's a bit of blank unscanned paper, as a result the sequence number and tap holes are in a separate scan. Overall this is in good shape but has some black marks (probably from being stuck to a cel at one point) there's also some wrinkling and other minor wear normal for animation art of this age. This is a great one of a kind piece perfect for any fan of Earthworm Jim or vintage games.

Please note that most of the items we sell are vintage collectibles often more than a decade old so please expect some wear and discoloration. We will always try to note when these things are present or if something has survived in mint shape, but we want to make sure you're doubly aware. We're always happy to take additional pictures as well so please ask by emailing us at if you want to see another angle or a specific aspect more clearly. Thanks so much for shopping at Avane! A shop run for collectors, by collectors.

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