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Sailor Moon Furoku Drawstring Bag Serenity and Endymion Inner Senshi Luna

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Sailor Moon Nakayoshi exclusive Furoku bag. This was a giveaway with Nakyosi (nakayoshi) magazine back in 1993. This has adorable art of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion on one side, cute chibi images of all the inner senshi, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury on the other and a cute Luna on the bottom. This is a plastic bag with a fabric drawstring and plastic handles. Bag has some condition issues, there's wrinkling and tiny pinprick holes (which is fairly normal for a plastic bag of this age) more seriously there are is a small tear on each side near the bottom these are very difficult to see in the scans so we circled them in a close up. There's some slight blurring on some of the scans because the bag doesn't lay totally flat but in person all printing on the bag isn't blurry in person. Because of the damage we've priced this bag significantly cheaper than we normally would (and have) So if you don't mind getting a bag that's still adorable but less than mint this is a great deal. This is a hard to find furoku item and is a perfect piece for any Sailor Moon collector.

Please note that most of the items we sell are vintage collectibles often more than a decade old so please expect some wear and discoloration. We will always try to note when these things are present or if something has survived in mint shape, but we want to make sure you're doubly aware. We're always happy to take additional pictures as well so please ask by emailing us at avane@avaneshop.com if you want to see another angle or a specific aspect more clearly. Thanks so much for shopping at Avane! A shop run for collectors, by collectors.

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