Avane is Moving

Avane is Moving!

At the beginning of October we'll be moving to a new site (url will be the same, www.avaneshop.com), with a new shopping cart and other improvements like new payment methods, guest checkout and more! We're still in the process of getting thing situated in the new spot so we don't have a hard moving date yet but we'll let everyone know at least a week before moving day.

We expect very little down time (hopefully only a few hours on moving day) but there are some other changes everyone should be aware of:

1: Until moving day the current site will remain up and running and we'll keep taking and shipping orders!

2: Loyalty Points need to be used before moving day, this shady guy we got to help us move (who can be seen in the image above) said "WAHH! I'm gonna snap these up!" when he thought we weren't listening so if you're sitting on points you want to use, you'd better use them ASAP before he gets them. (Our loyalty points program is being discontinued entirely and will only work with the old site until the move)

3:The new storefront means new customer accounts so everyone will have to sign up again and everything will be starting fresh. So unfortunately, No historical order information and no saved addresses.

We're hoping the new site will be a little cleaner and quicker and you'll love using it. If you've got any questions just let us know!

~Jen & Stephanie

Thank you for visiting Avane! We specialize in vintage toys, games, anime and collectibles. We carry a mix of rare and vintage anime, manga, comics, video game goods, 80's character goods, 90's character goods, RPG supplies and a much, much more. Our stock is constantly changing so check back frequently!
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