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Latest store news and updated products
6-27-2017          Lots of Furoku (Japanese magazine Promos), more to be added in the coming days. See it all here here.
6-19-2017          Added a bunch of comics, several sailor moon single issue comics, some vintage 90s mortal Kombat variants and a rare Darksiders combination comic and art book promo. See all the comics here.
6-17-2017          We updated, cels, books, strategy guides and more. No large uploads in any one category, so check out all our new items.
6-13-2017          We've added several new items mostly books but they're a bit spread out over the site so check out all our new items to shop.
6-03-2017          We've added 21 new items to shop. Mostly Sailor Moon and Pokemon items. We also have 600 items available from our back catalog/old site so there's a lot to explore.
5-30-2017          We're up to date with over 500 items from our previous site. We'll be adding totally new items later today.
5-19-2017          Site is live! We're currently putting up select items from our back catalog, but we'll have brand new never seen before items up in a few days. In the meantime if you don't see anything you like make an account and start earning points with our new loyalty points program.
5-11-2017            We're currently putting this finishing touches on our new site. We appreciate everyone's patience while we're creating a great new shopping experience.
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